Montreal: City of Lights and Nights

"Did you not know…truth is much more terrible than fiction" – Brothers Grimm


Mark Twain once described Montreal as "A City of Thousand Spires".  Indeed, it is not only the church steeples that strain to touch the sky there.  Towering skyscrapers, spotlights seen throughout the city, even the residents seem to be constantly trying to attain beauty and wonder in their everyday life.

It's no wonder then, that many don't seem to notice the darkness that lies at their feet.  People often end up desperate, homeless, or simply drop of the map entirely.  Most of the time,  organized crime or even just bad luck are to blame.  But sometimes the reasons are even more sinister.

You are one of the unlucky ones.  You were taken or tricked from your home and brought to a realm where logic and reason no longer applied.  You endured torture both physical and spiritual at the hands of your unknowable master.  Yet somehow, part of you remembered the life you left behind.  When the chance presented itself you escaped;  you fled your master and found your way home only to find it is your home no longer.  Your time in the strange land left you changed.  Even worse, you find your loved ones may have not even noticed your absence.  Bearing powers both terrible and wondrous, it is up to you to make your way and see if you can ever call this world home again.

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Lights and Nights

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